I Volunteered at LuaConf!

A couple of months ago, I saw a post by Etiene saying that she was organizing a Lua international conference and seeking help for it. Despite studying at PUC, I've never had contact with Lua language at school. Also, I really like to participate in events and help community in some way. Therefore, the opportunity of participating as a volunteer at LuaConf was really interesting to me. I contacted Etiene and she told me what was needed to do. We only had one month until the conference and a lot of things to do!

The best part of volunteering in events is that anyone can participate by helping in simple tasks. We had tasks like: posting on social media, printing and distribute the posters, organizing who would be at the front desk of the event, taking pictures, etc. It was a lot of things to do so I asked some PUC friends to participate. Thanks Ana da Hora, Ana Esteves and Fernanda! We also had Kaury and Pedro as volunteers. Oh! And also Evandro as organizer!


The event was awesome and I could learn a lot about Lua! I couldn't imagine there so many applications for the language. From Game Development with Charles and Sean from Corona to Smart Load Balancing with Xavier from Shopify, and also Deep Learning with Cristina da UFF! And at the end we had a presentation of algorithmic music made in Lua by Elihú ! :O

It was a one day event with around 100 participants, so we could talk a lot during the intervals and - as it was at PUC - we kinda felt "at home". We had speakers from different companies and places in the world who stayed during all the event and this gave us the opportunity to talk and ask questions about theirs talks!


I can't wait for LuaConf 2017 and expect to be a volunteer again! Oh! And I also want to start learning Lua!

Images Credits: LuaConf Flickr

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