Intro to Linux Workshop

Lately, I have been participating in a lot of technology events for women. These events have introduced me to many new topics and I also met a lot of other girls interested in technology! One example is the Rails Girls I participated last year! Since then, I have been studying Rails with a group that I met there.

Participating in these events have made me want to collaborate somehow. I also wanted to share a little bit of what I know with other girls! So, I talked about it with the girls of the InsideOutProject and they invited me to give a Intro to Linux workshop.

The purpose was too give a talk on what is Linux, its history and some of its aspects. After that, we would help the girls on installing the operating system. For that, I prepared slides - in portuguese and a manual - in portuguese of installation with three options: virtualbox, dualboot and native. I also prepared live usb sticks with Fedora and Ubuntu.

The event was really cool. We had around 15 girls participating and some of them brought their computers to install Linux in it. The only problem we had was with the UEFI in the dualboot install. So, this leaves a remind for next events: let's just keep it simple and try just the Virtual Box installation next time.

Thanks to the InsideOutProject for the opportunity and let's keep sharing our knowledge and inspiring other girls!!! <3<3<3

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